Since its conception 25 years ago EDI has assessed over a thousand commercial, industrial, multi-residential and oil & gas properties in Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan. Our personnel conducts a thorough review and assessment of site history and current activities; we perform comprehensive sub-surface investigations in order to accurately characterize a site and use our in-depth knowledge of industry regulations and standards to provide our clients with a range of options and steps in order to achieve regulatory closure.

Supplemental Environmental Investigations

Supplemental Investigations are sometimes needed to further characterize the contamination found on site. When contamination is encountered there are often several other options prior to undertaking expensive remediation.

Contaminated land evaluation

Contaminated land evaluation

Some reasons for conducting supplemental investigations are:

  • Vertically and laterally delineate the contamination encountered during the Phase II ESA
  • Modify guidelines based on site-specific conditions; Tier 2 evaluation such as pathway exclusion and guideline re-calculation
  • Source characterization
  • Characterize the contamination with respect to the background in the area
  • Free product (DNAPL & LNAPL) characterization
  • Update the Conceptual Site Model based on new information
  • Undertake long-term monitoring
  • Conduct statistical trend analysis when sufficient data is available
  • Address data gaps